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Our Team

Who are we?

Hevsel Press is a student-run ecology journal about ecology and its related areas, including biology, animal rights, women, LGBT+, politics, and economics, that is founded by Diyarbakir Bahcesehir College Science and Technology High School students.



We strive to create opportunities for all individuals who have knowledge of a field that has an intersection with ecology, and who want to experience being a writer. Also, we raise awareness about the climate crisis and all nature-related violations with our non-profit activities.



We aim to build a conscious society that protects nature, brings genuine solutions to global problems such as the climate crisis, and offers unique opportunities to future writers and inspires them.


Our Core Values 

Presenting the thoughts and knowledge of the authors on social-benefit topics to society without censorship is the discipline to that Hevsel Press attaches central importance as well as making ecology-related verified information available for everyone.


Respect: We honor diversity and also express that through our words and actions.

Integrity: We have a set of strong values and principles and adhere to these values and principles on professional standards both as individuals and team.

Teamwork: We work together to achieve creating something greater than ourselves as individuals.

Sustainability: We are improving ourselves and our readers, continuously. We provide value that sustains the organization and the context within which it exists.

Fairness: We treat each person with common human decency regardless of age, sex, color, sexual orientation, or nationality.

Honesty: We recognize the importance of having trust and being transparent.

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