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An Ancient Site Detected by High School Students

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Writers: Dicle Dilan Yardimci, Rojin Yardimci, Arda Tekin, Yekta Caner Tekin


The ancient settlement, which is estimated to be older than the Diyarbakır city walls, has been discovered by a group of high school students. According to the research conducted in the region and in the light of the information received from the local people, it has been learned that no scientific investigation has been carried out in the region so far. In the literature review of Diyarbakır's historical places, no written document has also been found about this ancient site. With this written study, which is the first document written about the historical place, it is aimed to record this ancient place.

This study includes the details that were determined by the students during the visits to the region and that make the region special. Some of these details are as follows; The region has the feature of being a Geopark candidate with the formation of interesting geosites(caves, lava cones and lava flows, etc.) around the historical area as a result of lava flows caused by Karacadağ Volcanism (Photo 5).In addition, the region attracts attention with its unique vegetation (Photo-1) and ecotourism potential. Primitive grain grinding tools have been found during the examinations in the ancient, historical area.(Photo-4)This situation proves that primitive wheat forms were cultivated near Karacadağ.

IPA (Important Plant Areas) in Karacadağ, where wheat was first cultivated, is in great danger due to sanitary landfill, cement material supply, soil transportation, cobblestone production, crusher material supply, ski centre activities and improper afforestation (Ertekin, 2002).

With this project, it is aimed to raise awareness for the preservation of the natural beauties of the ancient place and the region, and to pass on the cultural richness of the region to future generations. It is desired to prevent the region from being lost under water like Hasankeyf.

Keywords: Kela Reş (The Dark Fortress), basalt, castle, ruins, archaeology, lava, volcanism, geoside, geopark, ecotourism, wheat.

Aerial Footage of Kela Res with Xalo (Uncle):

We conducted a detailed research on Kela Res but haven't publish it yet, because of the safety issues. You can request the full version of research paper by sending an e-mail to

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